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Trends that industry leaders are already picking up on: A glimpse into the future of OTT


Trends that industry leaders are already picking up on: A glimpse into the future of OTT

As the OTT industry surges towards a projected market volume of US$419.90 billion by 2028, it’s imperative for industry leaders to stay ahead of the curve. (Statista) Let’s explore five key trends that are reshaping the landscape and why live chat is the game-changer that shouldn’t be missed.

OTT trend 1: Engaging loyalty – The foundation of success

The statistics don’t lie – user loyalty is paramount. 62% of users more likely to stay loyal to a brand that actively interacts with them, platforms actively engaging their audience are winning the loyalty game. (Twilio) Community features like live chat and quizzes foster a sense of belonging, leading to increased user retention. Stay ahead in the loyalty race, engage directly and keep your users coming back for more.

OTT trend 2: Peer-powered recommendations – Trust in community

In the era of digital connectivity, trust in peer recommendations trumps traditional advertising, hence 89% of consumers rely on word-of-mouth. (Nielsen) Harness the power of your user community through features like user-generated content and live chat. Encourage sharing experiences and recommendations, creating a domino effect that boosts engagement and revenue.

OTT trend 3: Amplifying engagement – The Power of connection

Unlock the potential for over 20% more user engagement by integrating community features like live chat. (PwC) Users connected to both the platform and its community are more likely to spend extended periods, translating to increased revenue. It’s not just about content; it’s about fostering a sense of community that keeps users engaged.

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OTT trend 4: Personalized experiences – Tailoring for success

Personalization is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation. 74% of users are more likely to engage with an app offering a personalized experience. (Liferay) OTT platforms can create personalized experiences through community features like loyalty points and user-generated content. Enhance engagement and boost user satisfaction by tailoring content and interactions to individual preferences.

OTT trend 5: The rise of live chat – Don’t be left behind

Streaming is evolving and the future lies in live chat engagement. Industry leaders like DAZN are already leading the way with immersive fan experiences. The “Six to Win” prediction game and the “Fankurve” live chat bring fans together during live events, fostering real-time connection, competition and fun. Don’t be left behind! Streaming is moving to live chat and you don’t want to miss it!


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