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Excite –

Your 360° User Engagement Solution

Create and engage community on YOUR platform

SAYTV Technology offers the first digital all-in-one user engagement solution to build community. Use our Web-SDK, mobile-SDK or Whitelabel app for your sports, OTT or gaming / betting business.

Engage and interact

Keep your users involved with our interactive poll and quiz features. Engage with your audience and empower them to test their knowledge.

Excite with community

Live chats to bring your users closer together! Connect your community by giving them features to interact with others directly.


Content is king. Give your users audio, video content and live stats to any match with our easy-to-integrate MP3, MP4 and sports API functionality.

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Live stream in SAYTV Technology's chat app

SAYTV Technology's white label solution provides an easy-to-navigate app interface for your organisation. From live chat to adding friends. Enjoying polls/quizzes, the ability to stream any content you want, audio or video, our community features are designed to engage users like never before. We help you build real communities and give users an immersive experience.

Integrate our community and entertainment features into your existing app ecosystem. The SAYTV SDK enhances your content-driven app by giving your users more ways to interact and engage with each other.

Picture about mobile SDK integration

SAYTV Technology has created an easy to integrate web SDK version for any website.

This software helps businesses create an engaging and personalized experience for their users with live chats, quizzes, polls, and a loyalty program. The web SDK version allows easy integration into websites, faster load times, improved performance, and greater scalability.

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Unlock your first- party data.

Understand your user base!

First-party data is collated directly from your audience and generated through interactions across your app.


Monetize your solution

Uplift your sponsorship revenue and create revenue-driven opportunities by offering in-app products, sponsored gamification or exclusive content to your users.

SAYTV's technology with highlighting monetization aspect

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