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Community matters

As a provider of a community software, we strive to build and support communities around the world. As part of this endeavor we are proud to support different charities and sports clubs who share our vision.

We’re dedicated to fostering connections through our community software across different sports, clubs, countries and fan bases. With community being at the heart of our company it is important to us to also support various social initiatives to drive impact together.

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Nurturing strong communities through grassroots sports

At the heart of our mission lies a deep appreciation for the transformative influence of grassroots sports. Beyond the scoreboards, these sports have always been a source of remarkable benefits – fostering physical wellness, mental resilience, camaraderie, and skill development that extend far beyond the playing field.

Grassroots sports embody the essence of collective effort. From committed parents to dedicated coaches, every contribution plays a vital role. Within local clubs, a vibrant tapestry of interactions, support, and shared enthusiasm comes to life. Our purpose is clear: to champion these pillars of unity, determination, and growth.

Research consistently affirms what we inherently know: sports have a unifying power. They cultivate trust, amplify life satisfaction, and inspire volunteerism, weaving the intricate fabric of thriving communities. Moreover, sports possess the potential to curb negative influences, spotlighting their integral role in comprehensive community well-being.

Join us in celebrating the vitality of grassroots sports – a realm where passion, purpose, and people converge to mold resilient communities. Together, we lay the groundwork for a more robust, interconnected, and vibrant society.


Kapa Celtics Football Club logo

Kapa Celtics FC is a football club and development academy based in the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa pursuing the mission to inspire the youth of South Africa’s townships to dream beyond their limits and use their innate abilities and creativity to break the cycle of poverty for future generations. 

SAYTV is proud to be able to support Kapa Celtics FC.
More information can be found here.

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