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LAFC & SAYTV - collaboration announcement

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SAYTV Technology catapults the LAFC Gold fan experience to new heights with our innovative Web-SDK solution.

SAYTV is excited to announce its latest collaboration with the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), a prominent name in the world of Major League Soccer. This partnership signifies a groundbreaking achievement as LAFC integrates SAYTV’s cutting-edge Web-SDK solution into their digital LAFC Gold platform, redefining the way fans interact with their favorite football club.

LAFC is committed to providing a more immersive and personalized experience for its fanbase. With SAYTV’s innovative community software, fans will have access to a range of interactive features, including live chats, polls, MVP votings, quizzes and other engaging elements. This integration allows fans to connect with each other during live matches, fostering a deeper understanding of the game and creating a vibrant community around the passion for football.

Martin Raithel, CEO of SAYTV, thrilled by the partnership, stated, “Our journey with LAFC through our latest Web-SDK integration is truly exciting. We aim to empower organizations to forge strong connections with their audience and LAFC perfectly aligns with this vision.”

The incorporation of SAYTV’s Web-SDK into LAFC’s digital platform not only promises to elevate fan engagement but also provides LAFC with a powerful tool to strengthen the connection with their supporters. SAYTV’s community software’s success has already been demonstrated across various industries, enhancing user engagement and fostering growth. As we embark on this exciting journey with LAFC, SAYTV remains committed to revolutionizing the fan experience and empowering organizations to build lasting connections with their audience.

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