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Burnley FC & SAYTV - collaboration announcement

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Burnley FC & SAYTV

Burnley FC collaborates with SAYTV to enhance fan experience on mobile app

Burnley Football Club (Burnley FC) today announced a new service agreement with SAYTV, a leading supplier of fan engagement software. This collaboration involves the integration of SAYTV’s Software Development Kit (SDK) into Burnley FC’s existing mobile app, introducing exciting features such as live chat, a loyalty system, quizzes, and polls.

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This new technology reinforces Burnley FC’s unwavering commitment to its loyal fan base by providing an upgraded, more interactive app experience.

Nissi Antwi, Marketing Manager for Burnley FC stated, “As a club, we continually strive to improve our connection with fans. With SAYTV’s innovative platform, we are transforming our mobile app into an immersive fan engagement hub. We anticipate releasing this new app experience in October 2023.”

Marcus Mellor, Head of Commercial for Burnley FC, emphasised the advantages for the club’s sponsors: “The integration of SAYTV’s platform not only enhances the fan experience but also opens up new engagement possibilities for our sponsors. We’re now able to offer dynamic in-app sponsorship placements, providing another highly visible space for sponsors to display their brands. This innovative form of digital advertising aligns with our mission to stay ahead in the commercial sphere and offers tremendous value to our partners, enhancing their visibility and interaction with our dedicated fan base.”

Martin Raithel, CEO of SAYTV, expressed excitement about the partnership: “We’re thrilled to partner with Burnley FC, a club with a rich history and devoted fans. Our collaboration allows us to showcase our technology, thereby enhancing the way fans interact with the club. This represents a significant step forward for both SAYTV and Burnley FC, and we’re excited for what’s to come.”

Burnley FC and SAYTV Technology collaboration
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