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360° Support with our Media Agency

In addition to our technology solutions, we pride ourselves with supporting our customers in putting the technology to use. Our team of media experts, marketing managers, engagement specialists and moderators will be by your side to support you wherever needed.

Having worked with numerous clients from different industries (sports, OTT, betting, etc.) we have been able to collect extensive experience on what works well when launching your community features. Our proven methods will pave your way to a successful longterm implementation of our technology helping you elevate your user engagement to the next level


Ensuring a clean and vibrant community for your organization is our priority. Working with a pool of thoroughly trained moderators we are able to support you during key events with human moderators when needed, in addition to our automatic AI-moderation. Our moderators have extensive knowledge on the most viewed sports, TV shows and global events. Moderation is available in various different languages (English, German, etc.) Please reach out to us to find out more if you have a specific event in mind.

Celebrity Chats

Let's get your app off the ground!

Bring your community closer together with exclusive celebrity events. Having worked across various sport categories, we have been able to curate a pool of well-known sport personalities who can support your special chat events.

To only name a few, we have worked with Heiko Wasser (F1), Samuel Badree (Cricket), Alex Jordan (Cricket) and many others.

Alex Jordan writes message in CPL Chat App

Watch parties & Audio stream

In order for new users to become aware of the possibility to engage with other fans during their favorite sports or TV event it is important to collaborate with relevant public figures to spread the word. Celebrities may then join the chat simply by chatting to the fans or we can also help you set up a watch party or an audio stream.

Watch party

A watch party is a fun event where fans gather to watch important moments in a sports season, like the end of a group phase, semi-finals, or finals. The event is hosted by celebrities, commentators, or experts who share live reactions and interact with fans. SAYTV has hosted several watch parties for clients, creating lively and engaging experiences for users. We promote the event on social platforms with celebrity support, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all users.

Audio Stream

Another option to increase engagement is our audio stream. This is usually used by commentators who get special access. Live commentary is provided directly in the app. Commentator will also see the users' messages and be able to react to them. SAYTV has facilitated several audio events with clients and is here to guide you on your next audio event. This initiative is another great way of bringing your community closer together.

Media Support

SAYTV Technology is not only your technical partner when it comes to user engagement; we also support you when it comes to making the most use of our features. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements in an individual call. We want to hear your business cases, challenges and expectations and our team will create a tailored community strategy.

Two phones that showcase SAYTV's technology

Content + Community = Higher app usage and happy users!

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