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Republic Bank CPL & SAYTV - 3 years of success

CPL Chat App

Republic Bank CPL & SAYTV

A remarkable partnership: Republic Bank CPL and SAYTV look back on three years of success with the CPL Chat App

When SAYTV Technology and the Republic Bank Caribbean Premier League joined forces three years ago, our shared vision was clear: to elevate user engagement and bring cricket fans closer to the game through the introduction of the CPL Chat App. Looking back, we can proudly say that our partnership has not only met but exceeded those expectations, revolutionizing the way cricket enthusiasts connect and engage with the sport they adore.

The CPL Chat App, over these past three years, has grown to become the heart and soul of cricket discussions among fans during the CPL season. It’s a thriving hub for connecting with cricket celebrities like Samuel Badree and Alex Jordan, among many others.

What sets the CPL Chat App apart is its user-friendly interface and an array of engaging community features. From quizzes to breakout rooms, loyalty badges and more, it has transformed into a dynamic platform for interactive cricket discussions. Additionally, it has offered numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities for CPL partners like Republic Bank, ensuring consistent messaging and title sponsorship visibility across all platforms. Branded emojis have allowed users to directly engage with Republic Bank assets, creating a deeper sense of connection.

During CPL 2023, the CPL Chat App welcomed over 5800 new users and the cricket community passionately contributed an average of 2000 messages per match. Impressively, users engaged in more than 4100 quizzes and spent an average of 26.5 minutes per session in the app. These statistics vividly reflect the enthusiasm of this cricket community, with over 65000 messages sent throughout CPL 2023.

Reflecting on these extraordinary results, Martin Raithel, CEO of SAYTV, shared his excitement: “We’re grateful for this partnership, witnessing its flourishing results in the cricketing community. It’s been a fantastic journey and we’re excited for what’s to come.”

Chris Watson, CPL’s Head of Marketing, added his thoughts, stating, “Together, we have created a vibrant and inclusive community for cricket enthusiasts to share their passion, knowledge, and excitement. SAYTV has been an amazing partner, and this collaboration has truly transformed the experience of cricket fans.

CPL and SAYTV Technology - 3 years of success
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