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CPL Live Chat App

Sponsorship CPL 6TY App

CPL 6TY Chat App partners with Republic Bank and RARIO

Republic Bank who is a loyal sponsor of the CPL and the newly-founded Cricket NFT company RARIO have officially announced their sponsorship.


Two phones that showcase SAYTV's technology

The CPL and 6TY in 2022

The CPL is a T20 cricket tournament taking place from 31/8/2022 until 30/9/2022 around the Caribbean. In the week before the CPL, The 6IXTY a new T10 cricket format was introduced. The 6IXTY is especially exciting due to its speed and the high level of fan involvement through the so-called SkyEXCH Mystery Fan Ball. Fans were able to vote between four randomly chosen deliveries for each game in the CPL 6TY Chat App powered by SAYTV. The result were kept secret until the umpire signals that the Mystery Fan Ball takes place.

Republic Bank and RARIO support the CPL 6TY Chat App as sponsors

The Caribbean-based company Republic Bank is known for being at the forefront of technological advancement. Being part of an online experience for cricket fans around the world which brings them closer to the sport therefore simply made sense for them. Similarly, for RARIO, the world’s first cricket NFT platform bridging the gap between a physical and a digital experience is at the core of their DNA. Fans will be able to interact with various content formats created together with both companies like the Republic Bank Classic Catch or the RARIO player of the match.

The CPL 6TY Chat App may be downloaded here. For further information, on the CPL 6TY Chat App and sponsorships, please feel free to contact SAYTV CMO Paula Raithel.

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