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USER Engagement Solutions

Entertain, Engage, Excite – Community for your platform.

SAYTV Technology offers the first digital all-in-one user engagement solution which meets the needs of sports, OTT and betting / gaming organisations, their users and their sponsors and partners.

Available off the shelf, SAYTV Technology comes as a White Label Solution, a mobile SDK or a Web SDK, ensuring compatibility with all frameworks, including Android and iOS. Regardless of your choice, SAYTV is integrated effortlessly.

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White Label

Enjoy a personalized, plug-and-play white label app while retaining control over user data, content and fan access. It's your platform for fan engagement, diversity, inclusion and unity.

Our scalable, customizable app lets you incorporate your brand elements, CI and look and feel across all components.

Two phones that showcase SAYTV's technology
Launch your white label app

Launch your white label app

Your look and feel - Your app!

Grow your community

Grow your community

Connect your fans with live chat and social features.

Create app stickiness and retention

Create app stickiness and retention

Provide exclusive content to your fans and offer interactive features. Build loyalty with rewards.

Create first party data

Create first party data

Understand your fan base!



Upsell sponsorship and monetize in-app offerings.


Following a single app strategy? No problem!

Our SDK is available for both iOS and Android. Customize each SDK to meet your specific needs by selecting desired features.

SDK Code Snippet


SAYTV Technology's web SDK, featuring live chat, quizzes, polls and a loyalty program, fosters community and engagement. Businesses can integrate the software seamlessly into their websites without complex coding, ensuring a faster, more scalable experience. This version enhances user engagement, providing valuable insights into preferences and needs.

Content + Community = Higher app usage and happy users!

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