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USER Engagement Solutions

Entertain, Engage, Excite– Putting fans in focus.

Fans affect how successful a sports organisation brand itself, how they perform and how they grow their revenue streams.

As a critical key to success, digital fan engagement strategies are more important than ever. SAYTV Technology offers the first digital all-in-one user engagement solution which meets the needs of sports organisations, fans, clubs, and sponsorship brands.

Our technology drives app stickiness and brings fans home into a digital community owned by the sports organisation.

This innovation is designed to ensure a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use live chat and fan engagement app that can be change according to any specific requirements. We offer our technology as a stand-alone White Label Solution or we can integrate our native SDK with all features into an existing app.

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White Label

We provide you with your branded plug-and-play white label app but you maintain control over your user data, content and access to your fans - your fans, your community!

Our scalable and easy-to-use White Label App helps you bring fan engagement to the next level whilst being a perfect platform for diversity, inclusion and unity.

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Our platform is fully customizable and allows you to use your brand elements, CI and look and feel in all components.

Over 60% of fans say that a great year-round experience would make them more engaged with their team in future seasons, making them more willing to spend money in the form of merchandise or tickets. (The Wall Street Journal)

We bridge the gap between season and off-season with our all year engagement strategy, offering live chat and maximizing the time spent on the platform.

Launch your white label fan app

Launch your white label fan app

Your look and feel - Your app!

Grow your community

Grow your community

Connect your fans with live chat and social features.

Create app stickiness and retention

Create app stickiness and retention

Provide exclusive content to your fans and offer interactive features. Build loyalty with rewards.

Create first party data

Create first party data

Understand your fan base!



Upsell sponsorship and monetize in-app offerings.


Following a single app strategy? No problem!

Our community features can be integrated easily. We provide our SDK for both major platforms, iOS and android. Each SDK can be customized to your specific needs and features can be selected depending on your needs. We help you integrate SAYTV into your app and provide a full guide and on-boarding for each feature.

We work together with sports organisations, OTT platforms and betting companies to enhance the user experience by adding community to content.

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With SAYTV Technology's suite of features, including live chat, quizzes, polls, and a loyalty program, users can easily generate content and interact with each other, fostering a sense of community and encouraging participation. This does not only keeps users engaged but also helps businesses gain valuable insights into their users' preferences and needs.

The web SDK version of the SAYTV platform offers numerous benefits for businesses. It allows them to easily integrate the software into their websites, without the need for complex coding. This new version offers a seamless experience for users with all the features they love right at their fingertips. The web SDK version also ensures faster load times, improved performance and greater scalability.

SAYTV's community software has already helped numerous organisations across different industries with enhancing their user engagement and drive growth. With the launch of the web SDK version, SAYTV Technology is poised to further expand its reach and impact. Businesses can now easily and quickly integrate the SAYTV community software into their website and start reaping the benefits of greater user engagement.

Content + Community = Higher app usage and happy users!

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