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Live Chat, add friends, loyalty rewards

One community - bring your fans closer by providing a state-of-the-art live chat experience. Connect fellow fans worldwide during live matches and let your users build friendships.

Create your #breakout room for in-depth or private group conversations.

With our Legend Chat rooms, your fans can engage directly with their heroes and ask them any questions. SAYTV ensures an inclusive and friendly chat community welcoming everyone.

We have thoroughly trained and experienced moderators to monitor all chat activity throughout any event. In addition, CleanSpeak, the industry-leading AI for word filtering, is implemented in any white label solution and adds another layer of protection.

Live Chat

Connect your fans in our state-of-the-art live chat experience. Guarantee a friendly communication by using industry leading AI and human moderators.

Add Friends

Your fans can stay connected by adding friends on the platform. Never miss an exciting match or watch it alone, simply invite your friends back to the chat with only one click.

Loyalty Rewards

Reward your fans by providing loyalty badges and discounts on in-app and real life products. Partner with local suppliers and give back to your community.

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